Patches or Injections

What is the Difference between hCG Homeopathic Patches and hCG Injections & Nasal Spray
You will have heard about and read about the amazing results of the hCG Diet.

One question people have is which method of hCG is more effective.

The majority of people have found that hCG homeopathic patches are as effective as or much more effective than hCG injections or hCG nasal spray.

Here is a simple chart to compare all applications of the hCG Diet. So you can objectively choose which the best for you.


hCG Homeopathic patches

hCG Injections or Nasal spray

Can I lose 1/2 -2 lbs or 1/4 -1 kilos per day Yes absolutely Maybe
Costs $50 average cost pm from the nova clinic. Higher else where $900+ average for Doctors visits and weekly follow ups etc
Discomfort or pain No just place a patch on the skin twice a week and forget about it Yes, having daily injections for up to 42 days. Nasal spray can burn a little
Does it need to be refrigerated Not if using homeopathic patches Yes
Do I need to go to a clinic or doctors office No Yes recommended
Do I need to mix my own solution No Yes if injecting yourself. Nasal spray comes premixed
Do I need a prescription No Yes in most countries

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Our Homeopathic hCG patches
provide the strength and effectiveness of the hCG injections or hCG nasal spray, but have a stable shelf life. This translates to much lower costs and more convenience for you, but with the same awesome results.

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